Peter Linneman


Economist’s View: Why Cities Will Rise Again

Eventually, the positives of the urban environment will once again outweigh the negatives.

Economist’s View: CRE Asset Price Inflation to Continue

While consumer prices expanded modestly over the past decade, asset values improved notably.

Economist’s View: The Butterfly Recovery Has Begun

The U.S. economy’s path toward recovery is bound to involve several stops, detours and starts along the way.

Economist View: What Price Is Too High to Pay?

In a short time, the U.S. economy and the commercial real estate industry has been set up to fall very far, according to Dr. Peter Linneman.

Why the Yield Curve Is Not the Bellwether It Used to Be

The entire government debt market is so manipulated by the Fed and major foreign governments that the yield curve no longer says much about market beliefs, according to Dr. Peter Linneman.

In the Next Downturn, Public Markets Will Be CRE Investors’ Best Bet

Those expecting to hunt for discounts during the next down cycle should get up to speed now on REITs, contends Dr. Peter Linemann.

Real Estate for the Long Run

Current market conditions and history favor investors with upper single-digit return expectations over a 10-year hold and an ample debt coverage cushion.

The Impact of Tax Reform

Dr. Peter Linneman examines the biggest effects the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will have on the commercial real estate industry.

Entitlements, Taxes and Budget Woes

Entitlement spending has so dramatically expanded that it is literally impossible to balance the federal budget without addressing promises made in the past.

Making the Grade

While there was substantial growth during the Obama years, it was attributable to the normal recovery as the U.S. economy emerges from an economic downturn. After Obama's eight-year term, the U.S. has achieved the same slow economic growth as the social democratic economies of Europe and Japan.