Jessica Fiur

Jessica Fiur is the managing editor at Multi-Housing News and Commercial Property Executive and writes the award-winning blog What Renters Want. Jessica has been with the company since 2011 and previously was with Weekly Reader and IQPC. Contact Jessica at on Twitter @jfiur or on LinkedIn

The Suburban Dream

Has the pandemic forever changed how people view CBDs?

Safety First

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Back to It?

I never thought I’d say it, but I kind of miss going to the office.

Prepare for Reentry

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Post-COVID-19, Could This Be the Next Hot CRE Asset?

Though many are working from home now because of stay-at-home orders, eventually there will be a return to offices—and people want to be safe getting there.

Mall Madness

I miss going to the mall.

Could COVID-19 Put an End to the Movie Theater as We Know It?

During the pandemic, streaming movies has expanded while theaters are closed. Could this continue when shelter-in-place is over?

The Simple Step to Help Your Tenants Amid the Coronavirus Crisis

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Could Virtual Kitchens Change the Face of the Restaurant Industry?

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