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Investing in Vacation Rentals

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Are you looking to invest in a vacation rental? If you plan on starting this type of business, keep in mind that it is now becoming in demand for a number of reasons. For instance, travelers are no longer staying in hotels that they only use at night. Instead, a lot of them stay in vacation rentals in order for them to save money and to support the local economy. But before you even invest in a vacation rental, there are a few things that you need to understand.

Know all the cost and details first

If you are going to be investing in a vacation rental, it is important that you ensure the comfort of your guests. There are instances when you need to invest a good amount of money for renovation. Also, you may have to hire someone who can perform interior design work inside your property.

In most cases, you also have to account for the days when you don’t have a guest. Therefore, you need to do your research well. When are the peak months? When are the months wherein you have to do some extra effort to fill even half of the month? You have to know all these details simply because you will eventually have to invest in this kind of endeavor.

Know the most profitable setup

Are you going to have one room and fill it up with bunk beds to accommodate your guests? Or perhaps, a person can rent the entire room? You have to make sure that you know exactly what the most profitable setup is for your home. There are instances when you won’t have a guest who is looking to rent the entire place.

Create a plan on how to promote your vacation rental

What makes your vacation rental stand out? You need to make sure that you are going to implement a strategy in order to get the attention of your potential guests. Who do you want to go to your property? Do you want families or do you prefer to have solo backpackers with a limited budget to fill the place? These are just some things that you may want to decide on if you plan on targeting a specific niche.

Aside from targeting a specific niche, you also need to ensure that you understand a bit about digital marketing strategies. Digital marketing is important in order to become visible to people planning their trip. Remember that there are those budget-conscious travelers who are spending less and less on every trip.

For a lot of vacation rental businesses, finding a good platform to display your property can make a huge difference. If you are going to post the property in Airbnb, then you will be able to find a number of people who are going to rent in your space. The good news about Airbnb is that you can show your photos and implement a strategy that can attract people to stay in your vacation rental.

Check-in strategy

You also have to make sure that you are going to implement a good check-in strategy. Unlike hotels that have a reception area where they can receive their guest, this is something that is not present on vacation rentals. Instead, what you can do is to provide information on how to get to your place and how they can enter your place. Perhaps, you can just have an electronic key where they can enter the combination. Also, perhaps, if your property is located inside a building, you can just leave their name in order for the building’s security to assist them.

Idiot-proof everything

If you are going to allow the guest to use the microwave and other appliances in your vacation rental, it is a good idea to include a manual on how to use these things. This will also ensure that they are going to take care of the property.

Screen your guests if possible

If you can screen your guests, you have to ask for a government ID and even check the feedback of other hosts. This will prevent problems. You can be picky as a host. At times, you will have to follow your instinct whether or not to accept someone in your property.

Right Price for the Location

Do you plan on having villas in Cabo that can serve as a vacation home for guests? Or maybe, you have a spare condominium unit in the city that you want to monetize? What you have to understand is that pricing differs depending on different factors. For instance, location is quite an important consideration. If you are located in a place usually visited by tourists, then you can actually earn more. However, if you are located in a place far from public transport or any hotels, then maybe, you will have to dial down on the pricing of your vacation rental.


You also have to understand that maintenance is important when it comes to your vacation rental property. It is important that you have someone who is in charge of cleaning the property and even addressing the needs of your guests.

You need someone who will provide clean sheets and who will clean after the guests. You also have to understand that there could be some things that needed to be fixed inside the vacation rental. Though they are paying less, you really just can’t ignore these things.

Be serious about feedback

You have to understand that feedback is an important aspect of your success or your failure as a vacation rental host. If you are going to take care of your guests making them feel at home, then this can be a good way to increase the number of potential guests on your property.

You also have to talk to those who left a negative feedback about the property. You want to ask what you could actually do in order to correct those things. You will be surprised that their feedback could actually give you the opportunity to improve your business.

If you are planning to make some money from a vacation rental, keep in mind that it is a serious business. These are some things that you will have to consider carefully.

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