What Would Your #CRE World Be Like Without Twitter?

There’s a very funny cartoon that was shared this week on Twitter, and I heard it by way of re-tweets by @CoyDavidsonCRE and @NellieDay after it was tweeted by@TitanCommercial (all are influencers of mine in the social space).   The cartoon offers a lighthearted look at a world without Twitter – egads!, because not knowing what the Bronx Zoo Cobra was up to…or for that matter, where he/she was slithering around would be absolutely frightful.

After a laugh or two, I started to wonder – what would my commercial real estate world be like without Twitter?  

For starters, and most importantly, I would be missing all the great, intelligent and passionate commercial professionals I’ve connected with through this network.   Sharing news, comments, perspectives and even a virtual cup of coffee with people (most of whom I have never met in real life)  from all over the country – pretty awesome when you get right down to it.  I would even venture to say that nurturing and growing these relationships is one of the most rewarding things I spend time doing.

Second, I’d not be aware of 75% of the commercial real estate news out there, and not as quickly as it gets out.   I’m still amazed at how fast word-of-mouth travels via Twitter.

Third, being far less connected to the real world of commercial real estate would mean I wouldn’t know just how much power this economic engine is capable of producing… and how much we need to collectively support the whole industry.

What would YOUR #CRE world be like without Twitter?

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