What Is RPR AMP™? Learn At May 3rd Webinar


Realtors Property Resource (RPR) is the National Association of REALTORS® member benefit that provides a parcel-centric, national view of the commercial real estate market.  It’s a database filled with an incredible amount of insight into an area’s commercial fitness for any given investment criteria, producing for its users an exclusive combination of commercial demographics, deep information on property histories, and more.

Using RPR standalone is only one option for users. It was designed from the get-go to be a source of intelligence to users of many different software tools, from MLS/CIXes to the more recent vintage of apps designed for mobile devices.  The way RPR gets to these platforms is called Advanced Multi-List Platform – or RPR AMP.

What’s RPR AMP™?

Learning about the RPR ecosystem underscores that choice and flexibility are what brokers and agents want.  While MLS/CIX systems represent a bedrock foundation to the commercial industry’s need for effective search, the technology world has moved on far beyond the point when these tools were created.  RPR is a platform that allows existing applications such as MLS and CIX to integrate RPR’s deep-dive information into the presentation du jour.  RPR AMP™ is the engine that works within existing MLSes — as well as drives best-of-breed modern mobile applications.

Free Webinar To NAR Members: Learn About RPR AMP™ 

Bob Bemis, RPR Vice President of Business Technologies, will lead a workshop on May 3rd 2016 on the topic of RPR AMP™ and how it can improve your MLS.  The workshop will feature Jeff Young, RPR Chief of Operations and special guests who will discuss their thoughts on the benefits of AMP™ for their MLSs.

This exclusive online presentation of the Advanced Multi-list Platform™ (AMP™) will highlight how and why an AMP™ partnership could benefit your MLS, with topics ranging from:

  • What is AMP™ and why is RPR creating it?
  • How will AMP™ benefit my Association or MLS?
  • What are the risks of trying AMP™ in my market?
  • What has been the reaction from the system vendors?
  • When will AMP™ be delivered and when can we see it?

You can register for the webinar at this link.


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