CBS, NBC: USDOT Will Require Drones To Be Registered

NAR members can learn about the federal regulation situation as it applies to the legal use of drones, aka unmanned aerial systems (UAS), by checking up on the most recent NAR Policy Statment on drones, as well as the extremely useful Field Guide To Drones And Real Estate.

Heretofore, the Federal Aviation Administration has been the key regulatory player in the drone regulation story.  But as of this month, you can add a new federal agency weighing in: the US Department of Transportation.

Network TV reports last week indicated that the DOT was floating a plan to enforce registration of each drone sold, such registration to be created at the point of purchase. DOT registration assigns a unique number to every bona fide aircraft, big and small, and the apparent intent by the DOT is to extend this registration structure to unmanned aerial systems.

A press conference on October 19 had US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx announce the creation of a task force including leaders from private industry to determine exactly how the registration system will work.



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