Updated Green Building Standard Unveiled

National Association of Home Builders


In green housing development, the high-performance building is the goal.  Marked by heightened energy and water efficiency, sustainable and environment-friendly development, the high-performance of green building comes at a price that pays for itself in the long run.

But the multifamily property sector has lagged in adoption of green building standards. Confusion over best practices in new construction as well as in remodeling existing properties has stalled implementations and budgeting.  The multipliers presented by multifamily force developers to step carefully; shifting standards and the ever-changing technology picture make for uncertainty in green building generally.

The National Association of Home Builders publishes what some consider the bellwether guidelines in green building, remodeling and development.  The NAHB’s ICC 700 National Green Building Standard undergoes regular update – two in the last two years – and stays on top of the changing picture in resource efficiency, durability standards, remodeling provisions, and best practices for energy savings.

2013 NAHB Green Bulding Standards Update Announced 

At the Las Vegas 2013 International Builders Show, he National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) introduced its new edition of the ICC 700 National Green Building Standard.  Significant changes to the treatments of renovations are in the standards, as are heightened energy-efficiency requirements:

“The new edition of the standard brings a minimum 15% increase in energy efficiency,” said Dominic Sims, chief operating officer of the International Code Council, which partnered with NAHB on its development. “Consumers understand that this level of improvement will deliver real savings over time.”

First published in 2009, NGBS forms the basis of many local and national programs and allows builders to certify new homes and remodeling projects that meet established criteria in energy efficiency, water and resource conservation, indoor air quality, lot and site development and homeowner education. It is the only green building rating system for residential construction approved by the American National Standards Institute.

Changes include referencing the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (the earlier edition referenced the 2006 code) as the baseline to exceed in energy efficiency, completely revised and expanded criteria for remodeling that makes it possible to certify kitchen, bathroom and basement renovations and additions under 400 ft., and incentives for choosing lots in green communities.

“This standard is all about quality and performance,” said Matt Belcher, a longtime green home builder from Wildwood, Mo., who has constructed homes to the NGBS. “Every builder I know wants to build the best product they can, and all the home buyers I’ve met want to own a high-performance home.”

Purchase an online or print version of the 2012 NGBS atwww.BuilderBooks.com, and find more information about green homes atwww.nahb.org/nahbgreen.


  • green expert

    February 9, 2013

    like I had to educate natl realtors the difference between energy mortgage and green mortgage the green expert will come on the national stage and educate you yeahoos about the nahb green so called update.
    1.nahb update a mininum of 15% over the 2009 iecc code. BFD energy star did this way before the stupid nahb did anything.
    2. the icc700 stays on top of changing events. a flat out lie with hundreds of thousands of buildings leed certified in over 100 countries and the international green benchmark where was the nahb the last decade? sitting on their hands using a watered down green scoring tool.And introdudcing this stupid standard because all the stupid cheap homebuilders were bitching about the cost implement leed certification.
    3. the pubic is familiar with energy star and leed ever hear one public intelligent commet about the nahb green? no and you won’t because the nahb green research center is more than a decade late to the green building industry..a lost leader and a flat out failure to all of its trade members. got IT?
    4. every green homebuilder wants to build the best green home? these stupid idiots after more than a decade do not even know how to market a green home.These fools don’t even hand out green brochures. their sales idiots can’t answer a green question.
    5. It took the nahb membership more than a decade to even acknowledge green building while e star and leed were more than a decade being implemented. call that a leader or a looser?
    6. lets get down to the real nitty gritty where the fuck is michele desedario? the so called leader of the nahb green building spokesperson? Talk about a mis use of talent and a bullshit nahb organization why isn’t michelle lobbying congress on the enrgymortage instead of puching a loosing cause. Thats how fucked up the nahb organization is. The stupid asshole nahb
    is a flat out failure nationwide what cities adopted the 1cc700 longmont? where is the nahb green neighborhood a 124 lot boondogle no one can find…lets get real.

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