Commercial Real Estate Tech Tutorial: Understanding Web Hosting

If you want to own a website, one of the many things you need to consider includes web hosting.  Picking a web host is similar to the choice a commercial tenant makes when evaluating locations for a business.

A website can be thought of as a collection of web pages  – computer files containing words and pictures and other items. In order to be reachable by anybody in the world on the web, these files will have to be stored in a “super computer” along with high speed internet connection. These computers are known as servers or hosts.  All the files that make up your website will be put upon a server.

It is the web hosting providers who provide such services and it’s the web hosting company who is responsible to host your website.

The servers which contain the files are located in a special place called a data center. A data center is in the form of a room or a building with extra electrical and cooling and lots of fiber-optic data connectivity.  It is here where a fast internet connection to servers – and to your website – is provided. The data center also provides physical security – for the entrance for fire protection, electricity backup etc.

It’s important to understand that a server is very different from a personal computer.  A good comparison is between a bicycle and a semi-truck.  They both have wheels, use roads, and are vehicles, but that’s where the comparison ends.

A personal computer may have a single processor, sing hard disk drive and single power supply but a powerful server will usually have 2 or more processor. This facilitates the server to work faster and process more applications at the same time. Hence, websites are always hosted on servers and not on personal computers.

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