Two Useful Tools for Marketing Your Services and Properties Online

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Increasingly, business is conducted on the go, so it’s nice to have a few reliable tools that will make your mobile life easier, more productive and profitable. The tools covered in this article will allow you to list commercial properties online easily and provide a custom online profile for you to share with your contacts, that is concise and easy to share.

Tweet Lister

Tweet Lister allows agents the ability to keep an informative, timely Twitter stream while they are on the go serving their clients. The Tweet Lister form allows you to  easily create a Twitter-friendly property listing every time.  It’s easy enough to use that you won’t even have to think about how to present all the facts in 140 characters or less – Tweet Lister does it for you.  Tweet Lister’s format ensures that your listing can be found in property searches by buyers and sellers on both Twitter and Tweet Lister’s presence.

This service also frees practitioners from having to enter listings for each tweet, because listings can be claimed from the Tweet Lister database of more than 1.5 million current listings (courtesy of  List Hub).  If your properties are in their system, and they match your Agent ID, they will appear in your account for you to grab and add to tweets.    Real estate blogger Jeff Dillman called  Tweet Lister “a well-rounded tool for posting and scheduling all your listings on Twitter.”


The second tool I’ve found is an online twist on the old reliable business card.   Follr is great for those practitioners who are online often enough to feel comfortable,  subscribe to some social networking sites and/or have a blog.   The Follr application integrates all of those parts of your business into one place so you can give out one link that shows all of your online offerings and gives a breif bio of your work.

Follr is a social media business card that allows you to organize your social networking profiles, content, your contact information and contacts through on personal website address, which serves as your online business card.  Follr can be used for any business, but it is heavily promoted for real estate agents. Flor also provides a little diversity to your link profile for both your website and your social accounts. This is a great tool that helps keep your personal elevator pitch down to a few minutes.  Most of the features on the Follr site are free to use, too.

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