TV News Covers A Mall Development Proposal

The above video featuring local TV news coverage of a greenlighting of an outlet mall project in East Tulsa serves as a modern study in using media to advantage a developer while at the same time informing the community of the terms of an impending commercial project.

I want to avoid commenting on the project or developer in specific. What I’d like to focus upon is the video, looking at the kind of content shown in the TV news segment detailing the impending land purchase and what the folks watching KJRH-TV were being offered.

What catches my eye is the segment’s information-rich presentation: we see the local planning commission’s vote on the project, and are told specifics of the TIF financial support of the project.

It seems to me that to tell this story at this level of detail is to benefit the project and community all at once. Voters and prospective customers are informed substantially of the terms of the subsidy, and are geared up to expect expanded infrastructure in their community as well potential commercial development in an area of need.

While I think it’s reasonable to expect the publicity earned by the news segment to help make the developer’s case in the upcoming city council vote and other  hurdles — I’m impressed with the complementary discussion of TIF details.  To my eye, this media outcome goes a long way toward getting off on the right foot — positioning the developer as above-board and offering respect to the community they seek to improve.

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