Tips for Beginners from Twitter Commercial Real Estate Influencers

I posed the question of our @commsource followers, “What is your #1 #CRE tip for colleague just starting on Twitter?

Here’s what they had to say..

@BoBarronCCIM:     Follow those with influence and followers and just watch for a month or 2 – then start engaging.

@SB_CRE:     Follow @SB_CRE. 😉 Just kidding. Follow @Michael_MBA, because he posts great links! (My note: DO follow @SB_CRE <- great content!)

@StephenHBenoit:     Don’t make your twitter only about self promotion.

@dukelong:     Wear Dark Glasses.  and Listen!

@clamstorm:     Let your tweets reflect your personality, interests, knowledge and expertise. Enjoy.

@ComAdvisors:     Provide relevant content for your followers, not just about yourself but about your industry/market too.

@JohnZiemba:      Follow the #cre (commercial real estate) hashtag, make lists now, follow industry publications & orgs

@cbrememphis:   Use it as a vehicle to learn, share what you’ve learned and truly connect. Saves the sales pitches for face to face.

@MemphisRealtors:        We think it’s all about the shared community. Growing relationships + making new connections.

@cbrememphisDT:     RE is very tied into the community so realize that you are not only selling your co., but your community


I’ll continue to add to this list, and if you have something you’d like to add – please leave a comment below!

Chirp! Chirp!



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  • Help others whenever possible and be nice. Lend a helping hand to the newbies!

  • mi hoshino

    December 8, 2012

    Hooray for Commercial Real Estate Twitter:)


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