The New Commercial Connections Looks At Middle Market Magic

The new NAR Commercial Connections Magazine is out – and it’s packed with news, resources and research for commercial practitioners.  Especially noteworthy is Mariwyn Evans’ cover story “Middle Market Magic”.  The mid-sized cities (1.5 million to 2.5 million population) are performing well in job growth, fueling direct demand for office, industrial and indirectly for retail and multifamily.  What are these cities getting right?   Leadership focused on economic development – from making sure productivity types are diverse so eggs don’t all end up in one basket to looking at the whole picture of education, infrastructure, smart growth and all the related factors.

Often enough, that leadership is spread across commercial players and elected officials.  Mariwyn’s article does a great job illustrating how these balancing acts are undertaken and where they’re most successful.
Fall 2012: Middle Market Magic



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