The 10 Most Influential Women in Multifamily

Over the last decade, women have made great strides in the commercial real estate world. We have have witnessed the industry change since the days when women had far fewer inroads to success in commercial real estate. Back then, many in leadership were concerned that a woman would leave her career track for marriage and a family. That assumption is long gone and women have taken the commercial real estate industry by storm.

CREWing The Ship

Organizations have risen to document and foster this change. Commercial Real Estate Women  — CREW Network — was founded in 1989 with a mission to focus on the advancement of women in commercial real estate, have grown to forty markets across North America and can boast a membership of 9,400 today.  CREW focuses on helping female CRE professionals achieve goals related to business development, leadership development, career outreach, industry research and business development.

In the spirit of CREW, Multifamily Executive magazine recently published a wonderful list of the ten most influential women in multifamily. Most of the women attribute their success to having strong mentors and other women who they could look up to. Many of these women belong to organizations like CREW who  provide that support network that we all could have use at one time or another.

Please take a moment to be inspired by these women right here. Compiled by Kayla Devon they are:

1. Ava Goldman –  President, Michaels Development

2. Lilli Dunn – Chief Investment Officer, Bell Partners

3. Deidre Kuring – President, WinnResidential

4. Julie Smith – President, Bozutto Management

5. Terri Ludwig – President, CEO Enterprise Community Partners

6. Sheryl Brown – Chief Financial Officer, Mill Creek Residential

7. Cindy Clare – President, Kettler Management

8. Sue Ansel – CEO, Gables

9. Amy Anthony – President and CEO, Preservation Of Affordable Housing

10. Mary Anne Gilmartin – President, Forest City Ratner Cos.

Read the entire rundown at Multifamily Executive Magazine

Where Else Is Diversity Celebrated?

Other associations formed to support a diverse group of commercial real estate professionals include:

  • National Association Of Real Estate Brokers(NAREB)-Founded over sixty years ago to support African American real estate professionals.
  • The National Association Of Gay & Lesbian Real Estate Professionals (NAGLREP)-A mission driven trade organization that is part business and part advocacy for LGBTQ housing rights.
  • The National Association Of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NHREP)- The voice of Hispanic real estate and home ownership.

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