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Video Hosting For Brokers And Property Managers: YouTube vs. Wistia

The rear LCD display on a Flip Video camrea

Once, CRE pros thought of video as a “someday” feature to add to online property marketing.  Someday is now, because prospects and landlords expect video on their desktop and mobile screens, embedded in listings. promoted with social media links, showing, selling and solving problems around the world and around the clock.

Once you’ve created the walkthrough videos and showcased your space’s benefits, amenities, location and improvements, the task of hosting the clips presents itself.  Video isn’t like photos — playback, (aka streaming), raises technical issues that images don’t.  Video files are far larger in data size than images, not as easily resized as images are on the screen, and not every device or browser supports playback of every video format.  Compared to video, photos are a cakewalk to handle.

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