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Crowdfunder Vets Partners, Participates In $3.7M Shopping Center Deal

I’ve written here before about the phenomenon of crowdfunding in the commercial real estate market. A fast-growing new source of investment capital enabled by a last year’s relaxation of SEC regulations, crowdfunding in commercial property might conjure up images of a “wild west”-style marketplace, where dubious solicitations sent to any Tom, Dick or Harriet hide giant risks, buried in promises of glittering payoffs announced over a bullhorn to whoever shows up to participate.

As it turns out, that would be the wrong image, at least in one case. Reaching out to the crowd for capital can go hand in hand with prudence, caution and expertise, as exemplified by a recent equity deal financing a 62,000 sq. ft. shopping center outside of Kansas City.

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Realty Mogul Reaches $10 Million Crowdfunding Benchmark


Election night crowd, Wellington, 1931

As mentioned in these pages last year, recent SEC deregulation has cleared the way for commercial real estate investments to seek capital from individual investors with fewer requirements than before.  Add the internet to this new playing field and you get crowdsourcing of real estate investment: where property-based offers are thrown open to anybody with a web browser (and sufficient capital).

Among the early wave of startup companies in the crowdsourced real estate investment business is Realty Mogul.  If this startup is any indication, it appears the new crowdfunding sector is getting off the ground: the company has announced $10 million in property acquisitions totaling 27 properties.

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