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Humor From McSweeney’s: Let’s Take This Open Floor Plan to the Next Level

There’s something of a trend war going on today in office layout. Tenants of course want the most from their expensive space, but what does “most” really mean?  Before the rise of the Silicon Valley-style open floor plan layout craze inspired by Google and the like, getting the most from office square footage meant cramming as many cubicles as possible near traditional conference rooms and corner offices with doors.

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Commercial Real Estate News Roundup for May 26, 2015

A commercial office/retail building.
A commercial office/retail building. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Commercial continues on the mend, Asian auction markets heat up online, retail development up in secondary and tertiary markets and iconic apartments sell for record prices in East Los Angeles. It’s all here at the Commercial Real Estate new Roundup for May 26, 2015.

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Office Space Classes: How Do You Know What Class Your Property Is?

Class A?  Class B?  When it comes to office space, what’s the difference?

Turns out it’s pretty informal, inconsistent, and has more to do with market reporting than characterizing individual properties.  It’s an old problem in real estate information handling: when you’re describing a single property, you aren’t describing a wider area, trend or factor.  It also holds in the reverse: information about markets by its nature depends on summaries, means and averages when being put together; these summaries don’t often work well as ways to differentiate properties.

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