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Destination Los Angeles: Build Your Global Real Estate Business


Global capital loves real estate. Attracted by its stability, performance and close indication of economic health, the wealth of the world sees real estate as a haven for growth. Opportunities abound for anyone looking out for them.

Making the transition from doing business in a single country to going international is not without its challenges, but as with any specialty, there are proven ways to get there. As always, networking and education top that list of ways. So, heads up: in October, Los Angeles will play host to a global real estate event packed full of both.

Destination Los Angeles is a special conference focused exclusively on working with global clients. Located just a few miles from downtown L.A. on October 2-3:

Destination L.A. will include:

The current lineup of speakers includes:

  • Jennifer Bodetto, the “Hollywood Feng Shui Master,” who has been featured on HGTV’s “Selling LA” show and authored books and articles on this ancient science of design principles.
  • Carmela Ma, CIPS, an international real estate practitioner since the 1970s, is a longtime CIPS instructor who has done business in dozens of countries and spoken around the world on a variety of business topics.
  • Ronald Wong, a political and communications strategist with more than 30 years of experience who has worked for Fortune 500 corporations and served in President Clinton’s Administration. Wong is an expert in targeted outreach, marketing and communications.

Destination LA takes place at the Pasadena Convention Center, nestled in between the city’s Old Pasadena and Playhouse Districts and located just a few miles from downtown Los Angeles. The Pasadena Civic Auditorium, which hosted the Emmy Awards for two decades, sits adjacent to the Destination LA venue.

Access to all events will be $175, though registration for the CIPS course, the networking reception and one-day global event can be purchased a la carte. To learn more about or to register for this event, visit or contact Jamie Hu at 626/446-2115 or [email protected].

Commercial Podcast: Get Involved With Your Local Association

Leil Koch
Leil Koch, NAR Commercial Committee Chair

In the latest Commercial Connections Podcast: Alex Ruggeri interviews Leil Koch,  Chair of the 2014 NAR Commercial Committee and President of Equity One Real Estate. Leil is an international property specialist and former president of the Hawaiian Association and Maui Board of REALTORS.

When you’re willing to give your time and expertise to serve on local professional organizations, it’s a win for your local association and a win for your own career.  Networking only adds new relationships, and most new business comes from new relationships.

Listen to the latest Commercial Connections Podcast with Leil Koch here.


Five Great Tips For Doing More Commercial Business From Bret Hunsaker

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Bret Hunsaker lives for new business.  A 25-year commercial real estate pro active in the Atlanta Commercial Board of REALTORS®, Bret was named by the 3,000-member group 2010 REALTOR® of the year.  What got him there was his talent and skill in acquiring new business, in national marketing and relationship building. The NAR Commercial Intelligence Briefing podcast sat down with Bret and got him to share some of his wisdom on how to do more commercial business.

  • Master, but don’t overemphasize social media: While it is “hotter than battery acid” and Bret says it’s something you have to know and understand, it belongs as part of your overall strategy — not as a replacement.  “It’s only a part,” says Bret. The traditional networking methods are in no way obsolete. “You still have to get out there, cold call, canvas, direct mail.”
  • Go back to existing clients in tough markets:  The thing to remember is that rough times are felt by all.  When you stay in touch with your existing clients even if the deals aren’t flowing, when the gloom lifts, those same people will be calling you. “During the trying times, the best people to go back to are your existing clients. Go back to them. If you step up to clients who know you, and do the right things, you’re going to see the calls coming into your office when the upturn happens.”
  • Always listen. With prospective clients, Bret counsels listening very closely in an initial meeting.  “The number one thing in any new prospect meeting is to listen.  Because in 15-20 minutes,  you’ll know the most important thing to them — and it may not be their business.  Whatever it is,  you should follow up on it.  It could be their family.  It could be a trip they’re taking.  It could be a soccer tournament — whatever it is, build a relationship by listening to what is important to them and following up on what you hear.”
  • Look closely at the trade organizations your clients are members of.  Hunsaker, like all REALTORS, knows the value of a strong trade association.  It brings professionals together to promote ethical opportunities.  The thing for commercial real estate pros to remember is while they may not be eligible to join a client’s trade association, they can still be a source for commercial real estate knowledge.  “I make sure clients tell me what organizations they’re members of.  You can be a speaker, contribute to their websites, be a source for them on CRE.  if you cant join as a member, you can be a guest.  Put yourself in a position to be of value with your expertise.”
  • Hit Your FDO Goals.  What Bret calls FDOs are the Food and Drink Opportunities – those chances to sit down face to face for coffee, lunch, golf — you name it. Counsels Bret: “If you’re in sales and you’re not having personal interaction, you’re probably not doing it right. I count up a maximum of 780 FDOs in a year.  If youre doing under 200 of those in a year, you’re probably not a salesperson.  If you’re doing over 600, you might have to check into the Betty Ford Clinic!”  Bret says to aim for somewhere in that range.   “I plan it out two weeks in advance to make sure the scheduled is filled.  You have to plan, be thoughtful and put yourself out in front of other people.”
You can listen to the entire cast and pick up all of Bret’s great ideas at the NAR Commercial Intelligence Briefing Podcast
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