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Destination Los Angeles: Build Your Global Real Estate Business


Global capital loves real estate. Attracted by its stability, performance and close indication of economic health, the wealth of the world sees real estate as a haven for growth. Opportunities abound for anyone looking out for them.

Making the transition from doing business in a single country to going international is not without its challenges, but as with any specialty, there are proven ways to get there. As always, networking and education top that list of ways. So, heads up: in October, Los Angeles will play host to a global real estate event packed full of both.

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Commercial Podcast: Get Involved With Your Local Association

Leil Koch
Leil Koch, NAR Commercial Committee Chair

In the latest Commercial Connections Podcast: Alex Ruggeri interviews Leil Koch,  Chair of the 2014 NAR Commercial Committee and President of Equity One Real Estate. Leil is an international property specialist and former president of the Hawaiian Association and Maui Board of REALTORS.

When you’re willing to give your time and expertise to serve on local professional organizations, it’s a win for your local association and a win for your own career.  Networking only adds new relationships, and most new business comes from new relationships.

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Sharing Links In Email: Still Social After All These Years

In a social media landscape dominated by Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that these networks define social media, and that efforts to network among stakeholders and professionals in the traditional, offline business sense — an activity that is utterly key to the commercial real estate business — should be centered on these three social media giants just because that’s where all the action is.

That conclusion would be wrong.

When trying to put the web into perspective, it’s important to remember that the web is young.  Without the benefit of many decades of history to draw from, the web in many ways doesn’t know things about itself.  Basic things.  Like who is coming to your website and why.

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