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Why Establish A Commercial Overlay Board?

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A recent post here at The Source talked about how to establish a new Commercial Overlay Board connected with your local REALTOR association.  By way of quick review: establishing a COB is the way a local REALTOR® association expresses a specialty in commercial real estate, creating an organization and resources geared away from residential practice and toward the very broad and complex world of commercial practice.

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CIB: How to Obtain Successful Negotiation Skills

President of Strategic Negotiations International

Many speakers try and give you tips and know-how of negotiations but few have the first-hand, global experiences, that Signature Series speaker Barry Elms can provide. From the Middle East to Midwest from the federal government to General Motors, Barry Elms discusses what his real life negotiations have taught him and will share some of those lessons learned to our Commercial Intelligence Briefing (CIB) listeners.

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Earn NAR’s Green Designation

NAR's Green Resource Council websiteWhen the news on climate change includes longtime holdouts surrendering their positions to acknowledge that manmade heat and emissions are contributing in a real way to our climate, it’s probably time to look again at the ways we use energy in our commercial properties.  For years, NAR has been ahead of the curve in our industry’s green research and education with the Green Resource Council, a leading source for facts, tools, education and strategies for going green.

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Summer 2012 Commercial Connections: Making Strides In A Jumpy Economy

The cover of the Summer 2012 issue of Commercial ConnectionsThe Summer 2012 issue of NAR’s Commercial Connections magazine is on the shelves.  And by “on the shelves”, I mean “already in the eager hands of thousands of REALTORS®” and “conveniently on the web”. Aside from a very pleasing, summery shade of periwinkle, what’s in this issue? Essential stuff, including:

  • An in-depth piece on SBA 504 Refinancing program for small business capital, by Barbara Vohyrzek
  • Marwyn Evans’ cover story on the mixed messages in the economy contrasted with the enduring nature of commercial property markets
  • Chere Larose-Senne’s breakdown of the new benefits partnership between Xceligent and NAR
  • NAR Research Manager George Ratu’s pointed examination of our pinstriped friends the bankers in “Growth In Commercial Markets Hampered By Lending”
  • And much more.  Browse the new issue right here.

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NAR Commercial Practitioners: Call For Brief Survey

Logo of NAR's MVP participation rewards programAttention commercial REALTORS®: From July 16-31st 2012, NAR commercial members are called to participate in a brief survey by NAR’s Research Department.

As part of the NAR’s Member Value Plus (MVP) Program, where REALTORS® earn rewards for participation in actions geared to improve our industry, today’s call is for a brief survey of your business activity and what you see in your marketplace. This survey is an extension of the monthly REALTORS® Confidence Index Survey and annual Member Profile, meaning results will of course be shared with members and in other venues.

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NAR Smart Growth Grants: Get Smart About Commercial Property In Your Community

NAR Database Growth 2007

Smart Growth is important stuff.  The commercial property market and the land use decisions that go with it loom very large in the balance of a community’s economic health.  Growth needs to be managed intelligently to maintain that balance, and that takes experts in commercial property engaging the community at large, shaping that balance among stakeholders.

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NAR Commercial’s Bill Armstrong And Bob Goldberg On The New NAR Commercial Member Benefits


NAR VP of Marketing Bob Goldberg

Today’s NAR Commercial podcast by NAR Treasurer Bill Armstrong is loaded with new developments and member benefits for NAR Commercial REALTORS®.  Bill sat down with NAR Commercial Senior Vice President of Marketing Bob Goldberg to run down the recent and exciting changes in the marketplace for commercial property listings, research, solutions and more.

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A Quick Look At The Latest NAR Commercial Benefits And Updates

The new Realtor.Org

Let’s take a look at the latest in NAR Commercial member benefits, online resources and advocacy.

NAR Treasurer Bill Armstrong’s Latest Podcast

Titled “Advocacy and Advantage”, in his latest podcast Bill outlines NAR’s Commercial’s latest efforts on Capitol Hill.  Advocacy in Congress has focused on new legislation to allow credit unions to increase lending caps.  As we’ve gone over several times here at The Source, credit availability is the biggest sticking point holding back a full recovery in the CRE industry.  NAR support for increase of lending caps has led to promises of a vote very soon.   Also on NAR’s advocacy docket is support for legislation to create a covered bond market Already in successful use in Canada and Europe, covered bonds would increase credit to the CRE industry by allowing banks to issue pools of high-quality assets backed by both the bank’s promise to repay as well as by the assets pledged as collateral.  Listen to the latest from Bill at the podcast here.

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