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Xceligent: Changing The Landscape Of Commercial Real Estate

Xceligent’s CEO Doug Curry has a rough job just talking about his job.  The backstory of what Xceligent (a REALTOR® Benefits Partner) does, who it does it with, for whom it does it, why, when and where is a very complex narrative, bringing together business research, computer science, commercial real estate, mergers and acquisitions, antitrust, and philosophy.  One blog post isn’t going to cover it.  One presentation isn’t going to cover it.

Curry knows this; at the start of his presentation to a commercial real estate audience at 2012 REALTOR® Conference & Expo, he polled the group, asking in effect what they already knew, so as to best tailor the presentation.  Which in itself is fitting, given that Xceligent’s business model is so dependent upon what brokers know and are willing to share.

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