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Green Building Cert Update: LEED v4 Coming Online

United States Green Building Council


Adopting LEED green building certification for new commercial construction is rising in popularity across the US as concerns about environmental sustainability and impact on commercial tenants mount.   The commercial property without LEED certification faces a future where conversation about that property’s value that will be affected.  On the buy side, tenants and prospects will use new benchmarks to make comparisons among properties that include LEED parameters as well as energy usage and performance metrics enabled by modern energy management with an eye toward sustainability   On the sell side, landlords and brokers need to answer the mounting questions about suitability along sustainability lines as retailers increasingly factor green practice into conversations and customer experience.

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LEED v4 Launching This Fall, Includes Performance Specs

The new version of LEED  — v4  — will launch at the Greenbuild Conference and Expo, Nov. 18-23 in Philadelphia. The new  standard includes a performance-based system for green building design, construction and operation.  A focus on outcomes, commensurate with the increase in data collection available to property operators, is baked into the new LEED standard.  New concepts include a holistic approach to property construction and operation as opposed to a more materials-based approach.  The greater complexity ensures a steeper learning curve, but the focus on performance means that valuing LEED-compliant properties is a process that has taken a big step toward the practical.   Meter readings and bills for consumables will be more central than ever in the total LEED picture.

Special Focus On Medical Property

This year, health care giant Kaiser Permanente announced plans to earn LEED certification for $30 billion in new construction projects over the next ten years.  The projects cover 14 million square feet of office space in about 100 buildings.

 “By adopting the LEED standard for all new major construction, we are demonstrating our commitment to green building strategies and to the total health of our communities,” said Don Orndoff, Kaiser Permanente senior vice president of National Facilities Services. “The LEED certification program provides an internationally recognized approach to building and operating well-designed buildings.”

Total health – there’s that holistic approach once again.  Expect more of this nationally as the commercial property sector is increasingly compelled to “consider the forest as well as the trees”.