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NAR ‘s Dr. Lawrence Yun Appearing Oct. 20 In New Jersey

Dr. Lawrence Yun

(Above: Dr. Lawrence Yun, Chief Economist, NAR)

Attention Commercial REALTORS®  of the Garden State: Register Now for a talk by NAR Chief Economist Dr. Lawrence Yun!

Network with Industry peers from Meadowlands, Bergen and Passaic Counties as you discuss the future of the local commercial market at this business-after-hours cocktail reception. Chief Economist Dr. Lawrence Yun of the National Association of REALTORS, will present the economic forecast, outlook and trends for commercial real estate in 2015.  Immediately following Dr. Yun will be a local expert panel of commercial real estate professionals to provide local market insight.

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All Commercial Real Estate Sectors Up: NAR Commercial Forecast

NAR Chief Economist Dr. Lawrence Yun

The NAR Commercial Forecast is out, and the news is good.  With multifamily leading the pack, all sectors of commercial real estate have seen improvement in growth, lending  and starts.  The NAR news release reads:

The outlook for all of the major commercial real estate sectors is slightly improving despite disappointing economic growth during the first quarter of 2014, according to the National Association of Realtors® quarterly commercial real estate forecast.

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Just For Fun: How To Say “Fiscal Cliff” In Four Languages

When NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun addressed the Economic Issues & Commercial Real Estate Business Trends Forum at the 2012 NAR REALTORS Convention & Expo, the remarks were live-translated by language specialists in soundproof booths via wireless headphones to attendees into Chinese, Portuguese, French and Spanish.

Having been already bemused by the day’s seeming wild popularity of the term “fiscal cliff” both on and off the convention floor, I couldn’t help wondering how this term du jour might translate into these languages.  Google Translate to the rescue (please take up any inaccuracies with the “Big G”, not I).

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NAR’s Lawrence Yun: Corporate Profits Sky-High, Yet Recovery Lags

If there’s a phrase of the week in commercial real estate — and seemingly everywhere else — it has to be “fiscal cliff.” In previous months, you might have bumped into this term here or there as part of the presidential election seasonal background.  But in conversation at NAR Conference & Expo 2012, “fiscal cliff” is a constant refrain, something you will hear several times a day, if not per hour.  It’s on morning television (I counted five uses in around 20 minutes on the Today Show), it’s on the convention floor, and it’s in the national dialogue.  If you used “fiscal cliff” as a drinking game (morning rules: coffee only) you’d be wired and climbing the walls inside of an hour.

So I found it to be something of a surprise when NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun took the stage to lead the Economic Issues & Commercial Real Estate Business Trends Forum, because while he did glancingly refer to the FC, the most eye-popping slide he presented wasn’t about a cliff, but about a chokepoint.  

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Live At NAR Conference & Expo 2012

And the 2012 REALTORS® Conference & Expo in Orlando is underway!

It’s an electric atmosphere, at the Expo, and unofficially I can report it looks like a bit of an attendance hike over last year’s Expo from what I can tell just walking the corridors.  REALTORS® from all over the country are meeting and greeting, networking and sharing war stories like always, but this time around, there’s a palpable feeling of market renewal and recovery.  Either that, or the Florida sunshine has already done its magic en masse.

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NAR’s Yun: Credit Unions Trying To Pick Up Commercial Credit Slack

NAR’s Chief Economist and Senior VP of Research Lawrence Yun notes the National Credit Union Association’s piece suggesting that credit unions are trying to pick up the slack left by our pinstriped friends the banks in the commercial credit market:

Commercial real estate loans are very difficult to obtain. The lack of government backing (outside of multifamily mortgages) and a higher capital charge on office, retail, industrial, and other commercial real estate-related mortgages have severely hindered credit flow and potential business deals. Moreover, the compliance costs related to the Dodd-Frank bill and the uncertainty regarding Basel III rules are said to be too burdensome for smaller independent community banks from lending on modest-sized loans. Large banks have enough legal staff to handle the compliance, but small banks do not.

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New Unemployment Claims Down, Industrial And Warehouse Property Demand To Rise

NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun blogged the latest Economic Update, wherein the research staff analyzed recently released economic indicators pertaining to unemployment and imports and exports.

For commercial practitioners, the news is encouraging, particularly in the international trade indicators.  In March, imports and exports climbed.  Compared to a year ago, imports rose 8.4% over last year, while exports hiked 7.3%.

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