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The PATH Act And Now-Permanent Property Depreciation Rules

Exterior of the Internal Revenue Service offic...
Exterior of the Internal Revenue Service office in midtown New York. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Protect Americans From Tax Hikes (PATH) Act was signed into law days ago by President Obama, a bill that rolls together a great many
temporary IRS rules and makes them permanent. Included in the long list — viewable in some detail entirety at the always-detailed JD Supra law blog —  are the rules for cost recovery on certain types of real property.  These rules speak to the time it takes from an asset to move in value from its purchase price to its salvage value, a process also known as depreciation.

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Migration Destinations and Commercial Expansion

Map of USA with Texas highlighted

Workers, shoppers and families are the engines of commerce. Learning to identify which points on the national map these population groups are headed can be a kind of shorthand leading indicator of commercial expansion. So if you’re wondering what US counties saw the greatest increases in population recently,  you can check out a compilation of this month’s IRS data published on that very topic.  The interactive page is after the jump.

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