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Google Loon: The Future Of Internet Service For Remote Property?

It’s a fact of life in commercial property development that infrastructure must keep up with new construction. Value of new construction approaches zero when connectivity to that property – transportation, electrical, telecom, water – is not available.

The obligation to run internet connectivity to remote locations is a huge challenge that brings a capital-intensive need up against a vast physical frontier.  When pushing data or telecom cabling into that frontier, costs can be astronomical and networks can be physically fragile.

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Google Reorganizes Into Alphabet: What Does This Mean For Its Real Estate?

A Google sign from their campus in Mountain Vi...
A Google sign from their campus in Mountain View, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week’s announcement that Google will restructure itself and become one of a portfolio of companies under an umbrella named Alphabet adds even more mystery to the already guarded real estate plans of the technology giant.  Headquartered in Mountain View, CA, Google owns or leases around 10 million square feet of space in locations across the US including 3.8 million sf. in Mountain View alone. Where is Alphabet’s business headed and what kind of space needs are in the cards?

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The Rules For Representing Your Local Business On Google Maps

English: Wordmark of Google Maps

It’s monumentally important for any business open to the public to make sure it appears on Google Maps. It’s such a big deal that property management and commercial leasing professionals are adding consulting and value-added services to help tenants get that critical chore accomplished. It’s not a fire-and-forget process, either: keeping your Google presence in presentable shape is tightly tied to maintaining a business’s general online presence.  It goes far beyond filling out forms and establishing accounts — online presence management is a holistic, ongoing maintenance process that touches everything your business does online and off. That is, if you’re doing it right.

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Tech Office Layout Blowback: Partitions Weren’t So Bad After All

English: The RedBalloon office - an example of...

In a refreshing push-back against all things currently trendy in office layout, ad agency creative Lindsey Kaufman takes to the pages of the Washington Post today to rail against the now-popular “open office” design.  Inspired by the tech industry, the open office configuration takes away partitions and emphasizes shared space for a whole host of now-familiar reasons.

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Mart And Science: Merchandise Mart’s 21st Century Transformation Underway

English: Merchandise Mart, Chicago, Illinois. ...
Merchandise Mart, Chicago, Illinois.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Time to indulge in a little blatant localism.  Just a short trip along the river from NAR’s downtown Chicago headquarters downtown is the Merchandise Mart, that massive 1930 monument to merchandising and architecture of the early 20th century.  Its four million square feet see 20,000 visitors and tenants passing through its art deco doors every day, most in the retail and wholesale business. But a recent 15-year, 600,000 sq. ft. deal involving a technology giant creates a lot of upheaval, changing the mix significantly while it projects the Mart well into the 21st century.

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How To Read The Source (Or Any Blog) In Outlook

Image representing Outlook as depicted in Crun...

When it comes to desktop operating systems in the financial and real estate space, Microsoft Windows remains king.  In commercial real estate’s many businesses, contact and email management more often than not means Outlook.  And there’s great value in getting feeds of the business news you need piped right into the same environment you have open on your desktop to handle your communications and schedule.

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Video Hosting For Brokers And Property Managers: YouTube vs. Wistia

The rear LCD display on a Flip Video camrea

Once, CRE pros thought of video as a “someday” feature to add to online property marketing.  Someday is now, because prospects and landlords expect video on their desktop and mobile screens, embedded in listings. promoted with social media links, showing, selling and solving problems around the world and around the clock.

Once you’ve created the walkthrough videos and showcased your space’s benefits, amenities, location and improvements, the task of hosting the clips presents itself.  Video isn’t like photos — playback, (aka streaming), raises technical issues that images don’t.  Video files are far larger in data size than images, not as easily resized as images are on the screen, and not every device or browser supports playback of every video format.  Compared to video, photos are a cakewalk to handle.

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