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Using Google Earth For Property And Data Visualization: Three Great Examples

The data visualization business has long been critical to commercial real estate dealmaking. At the deal table, all the pro forma work, diligence and sales skill brought to bear can be for naught if, at the critical time, you’re still telling the client when you should be showing the client.

Today’s resources have lowered the barrier to data visualization in eye-popping ways.  There has been a wave of Google Earth maps joined with 3-d animation to produce sales tools showing space and property – here are three.

Chicago Growth Animation 1862-2014 

Midtown Manhattan, 1850s-2014

San Francisco Market Street Corridor 1877-2013


How Do I Use Google Earth For Data Visualization?

Got distance, area and 3D measurements on your desk?  Chance are you wouldn’t be in commercial real estate if you didn’t. Using Google Earth to visualize these begins with Google’s Google Earth Pro product, an offering of the tech giant that includes movie creation, measurements and mapping of multiple points and more.  Trial versions and free versions exist and are, as is often the case with Google technology, surprisingly powerful.