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CNBC: The World’s Most Expensive Office Markets

Photo of Shangai Pudong district
Shanghai Pudong district. Photo credit: Lucas Shifres / Getty.

If you’re in the office space industry and you’ve ever wondered where it would lead if you followed the money to the top office markets in the world, take a peek at CNBC’s collection of eye-popping dollar figures per square foot in commercial centers across the planet.  Learn the moves from last year’s list — gainers and losers might be surprising.  From Shanghai Pudong districts’s relatively modest $132 per square foot all the way to…well, check out the list to learn the top.  (No, it’s not New York.)

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Roger Altman: Fed Bank Stress Tests “Unmitigated Good News”

Most CRE pros say the banks aren’t where they want them in terms of extending credit.  Financing in all its forms remains high on the want list for the industry as a whole.  But how healthy are banks?   In what state is their capital and liquidity health?  A quick look at a CNBC video in the wake of the Federal Reserve accounting “stress tests”  of the largest banks show a clean bill of health for enough of them that former Deputy Scretary of the Treasury Roger Altman spoke of “unmitigated good news”.

Of course, as he said this, some mitigation in fact appeared on the bottom of the screen, mentioning that four of the nineteen tested banks — Citigroup, Aimtrust, Ally Financial and Metlife — failed the Fed’s testing for a record of 15 out of 19.  In baseball terms, a .789 average is great, maybe not so much in terms of accounting solvency.  More discussion about timing and the politics surrounding the testing follow in the clip.

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REIT Growth: Video With Jim Cramer And David Brain

Wherein CNBC’s favorite slapper, dinger and yelper Jim Cramer sits down to talk Real Estate Investment Trusts with David Brain, CEO of Entertainment Properties Trust. Brain manages portfolios ranging from movie theaters to recreational properties to charter schools.  REITs are on the rise yet again, and commercial brokers have a greater role than ever in driving that market.  Check out how in this clip.