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Does Your Costal Market Have A Climate Change Action Plan?

seflorida-regionalcompact-climatechangeThe business and economic risk presented to commercial properties by climate change is enormous. Is your costal region addressing these risks?  Is your local commercial property market prepared?

The spectre of climate change in areas most at risk for disaster touches property sales, brokerage, management and development. The design, construction and remediation of commercial buildings increasingly includes planning for risk mitigation, where lessons learned from disasters such as Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina are applied to commercial development.  The increased costs for such planning, sustainability experts counsel, is dwarfed by the cost of failure to plan for rising sea levels.

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Earn NAR’s Green Designation

NAR's Green Resource Council websiteWhen the news on climate change includes longtime holdouts surrendering their positions to acknowledge that manmade heat and emissions are contributing in a real way to our climate, it’s probably time to look again at the ways we use energy in our commercial properties.  For years, NAR has been ahead of the curve in our industry’s green research and education with the Green Resource Council, a leading source for facts, tools, education and strategies for going green.

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