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Just For Fun: How To Say “Fiscal Cliff” In Four Languages

When NAR Chief Economist Lawrence Yun addressed the Economic Issues & Commercial Real Estate Business Trends Forum at the 2012 NAR REALTORS Convention & Expo, the remarks were live-translated by language specialists in soundproof booths via wireless headphones to attendees into Chinese, Portuguese, French and Spanish.

Having been already bemused by the day’s seeming wild popularity of the term “fiscal cliff” both on and off the convention floor, I couldn’t help wondering how this term du jour might translate into these languages.  Google Translate to the rescue (please take up any inaccuracies with the “Big G”, not I).

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NAR Chief Economist Weighs In On Commercial Real Estate Survey

Goldman Sachs Headquarters, New York City

Fifty-one major economists predict that the US economy will grow markedly this year.  While predictions seem to vary in press reports, a recent survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal shows economists becoming more bullish.  Most suggest that neither unemployment, inflation nor state budget problems will halt growth.

A survey respondent, Goldman Sachs chief economist Jan Hatzius, has changed his predictions to a more favorable outlook in just a few months.  He answered 10 questions about the economy with yes/no answers with a “yes” to whether we’ll see a real recovery.  Hatzius says deleveraging will slow, and consumers will start to spend a larger portion of their incomes, which will lead to organic growth outside inventory changes and or fiscal policy.

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