Sneak Peek At Commercial Programming in Anaheim at NAR Annual 2011

Ted Blank

Tough Questions In Tough Times Equals Closed Transactions  Monday, 11/14 9:00 – 1:00 PM  202A

If you’re specializing in commercial property – even including high-end single-family residences – you’ve got an interest in updating your terms and vocabularies when working the market however you do it.  You might be selling conventionally, or you might be providing real estate counseling to clients and prospects – or some combination of the two.  You need to know how best to figure out the abilities, inabilities and motivations of your clients.   And as always, the best ways to do this change with the seasons – new techniques, new tools and new concepts are constantly being brought to bear.

Designing the transaction to fit your client is the special expertise of Ted Blank, CCIM.  Ted will deliver a session developed and sponsored by an affiliate of the Society of Exchange Counselors, the SEC Education Foundation.


Loren Keim

Marketing Commercial Real Estate in the 21st Century  11/13 1:30-2:30 303B

Spending your marketing dollar is a tricky business.  Measuring return on investment can be tough, and your time isn’t free, so even “free” marketing outlets have their costs.  How do you value different marketing channels, and make an informed decision about what to pull the trigger on and what to leave aside?

Loren Keim , author of several best-sellers and how-to titles in real estate will lead the charge through the thick forest of marketing options for the commercial real estate practitioner.  Learn how to syndicate listings, build follow-up systems, and build customer loyalty.


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