Sears CEO Downbeat On Its Property Portfolio

In a recent CNBC video, Sears CEO Eddie Lambert issues a shocking, yet apt comparison between Sears retail properties and those imposing telephone company central office buildings that house the landline telephone network. Both are windowless bunkers, and both are temples of the way things used to be instead of the shape of things to come. This clip captured some conversation following on this notable utterance from the bridge of a troubled retail ship.

Because I like a challenge, here are my thoughts for rescuing Sears and bringing crowds back into the stores. Two words: classic showcases. Restoration Hardware, the chain mentioned by Jim Cramer in the clip, employs throwback and vintage product design, but the irony with Sears is that what’s cool now at Restoration Hardware used to be Sears’ bread and butter inventory in past decades. If I was the turnaround consultant of record for Sears, I’d advise them to dig into catalogs past and reintroduce midcentury-modern merchandise styles using a series of in-store events across departments to create buzz.

Of course, not every vintage product works. They should skip the vintage landline telephones.

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