Podcast: Avoiding Litigation In Leases

In the newest NAR Commercial Intelligence Briefing podcast, attorney Jim Hochman discusses the anatomy of a lease, avoiding litigation and more. As a partner at Coman & Anderson, Mr. Hochman represents many commercial real estate brokerage firms, receivers, landlords, tenants, and real estate investors by assisting in commercial and residential real estate transactions. He is also a member of the NAR Commercial Signature Series Speaker Bureau.

  • Covered in the podcast:
  • The anatomy of the exclusive listing agreement
  • Considerations of using agreements written for one state in another state
  • Things brokers should watch for — are you dealing with the property owner of record, or do you just think you are?
  • Anatomy of a purchase and sell agreement
  • Tips for brokers on how best to work with and seek lawyers
  • What mistakes lead to litigation again and again
  • Common misrepresentations
  • Broker lien rights
  • License portability and doing interstate business
  • Broker negotiation tips
  • And more!

Listen to Jim’s wisdom at the NAR Commercial Intelligence Briefing podcast.

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