Overwhelmed? Strategic Planning for Your Life

“Being overwhelmed is as beneficial as doing nothing.”

–          Eric Boles, Fearless Focus

It is really easy to be overwhelmed in today’s workplace. In the aftermath of a recession coupled with the ongoing necessity to produce more with less, you would be in the company of many if you feel overwhelmed. In a recent NAR Commercial Webinar, we heard from Eric Boles, a REALTOR® Signature Series Speaker, and President of the Game Changers, Inc., suggests considering the 80/20 rule to assess your priorities. What priorities fall in the top 20% of your priority list? And how much energy are you devoting to those top priorities?

Eric’s webinar resonated with me on a very personal level – in addition to working for the National Association of REALTORS®, I am also pursuing a Master’s Degree in Non-Profit management. In order to be successful in both work and academics, the necessity to prioritize has become exceptionally crucial. There are a lot of late nights full of angst – but I have to remind myself with the above quote – being overwhelmed will only slow you down and make it impossible to achieve your goals. In order to be successful, you have to outline your priorities and then work to discipline yourself to focus on those priorities.

This session forced me to really examine how I was approaching my academics – why was I so anxiety ridden? I was meeting my deadlines and making straight A’s; why should I be so worried about my progress? Then it dawned on me – I needed to start making myself and my academic career my TOP priority outside of work. I was spending too much time outside of work with social distractions, rather than my academic goals. So, I started a calendar, which I now share with my family and friends so they can see that at certain times, I am focused on academics and shouldn’t be disturbed. As a result, my weeknights are more productive in terms of school and my weekends can be spent running errands, socializing with friends and enjoying time away from work and school.

So, I’m wondering – What adjustments have you made in your business to prioritize and focus your attention on the top 20% of your priority list?  Post a comment and let us know!

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