NAR’s Bill Armstrong On Commercial Issues

Photo of the 2012 Realtor Rally in Washington DC
Realtor Rally 2012: Are you in there? Let us know!

NAR Treasurer Bill Armstrong’s latest podcast is (as always) worth a listen.  Summing up the month’s developments in the wake of the Realtor Rally and the specific effects to the commercial market of NAR’s legislative outreach, Bill mentions some new interactive opportunities for members:

  • At, there’s an awesome 360-degree photograph of the thousands of Realtors gathered in Washington in May at NAR’s RealtorⓇ Rally.  If you were among the 14 thousand+ in attendance at this historic event and defining moment for our industry, you can find yourself in the photo and tag yourself, and share the tag on Facebook or Twitter.  Just head over to and let us know You Were There!
  • The Rally gathered press coverage from over 25 major media outlets, Congress people attended from districts all over the country, and Congress heard us loud and clear on the following specific commercial RE issues:
  • Further extension of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).  Floods are not just a coastal issue; flood disasters have been declared in all fifty states, and commercial properties are affected no less than residential. During NAR’s visit to the Hill, the Senate was urged to take up a five-year NFIP reauthorization measure.
  • Liquidity in the multifamily property market was addressed by NAR asking our reps to expand small business lending, and to create a covered bond market.  Expanding access to credit is critical to allowing our economy to once again thrive.
  • Bill also gave us a shout-out here at The Source and announced the new partnership between NAR and Xeligent to provide the technology behind – delivering expanded public search capability and market information beyond what is available today.

Check out Bill’s whole podcast here.




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