NAR among 30 Organizations to Sign Letter to Senators

I thought of one of our members, Debbie Tamlin, when I read the letter that was sent this week to Senator Olympia Snowe (R) VT and Senator Tom Coburn (R) OK.  NAR is one of many organizations urging support of Senate Amendment 299 – the Small Business Regulatory Freedom Act of 2011

For many years, Debbie has been a strong commercial real estate professional in Colorado and she keeps up on industry issues but can’t act on the fine points of every one.  REALTORS® are handling the numerous activities required to run a successful business, and it must seem nearly impossible to keep up with all the issues that may have an impact.   I spoke to Debbie about the act of balancing the myriad of activities required to run a successful business today.   “What’s really important to me is that someone’s got my back,” she said.  “There are a lot of issues that affect my clients and their properties, and knowing NAR members and staff are always talking to policy makers on Capitol Hill about their impact is imperative.  I’m an NAR member operating a small business, and NAR represents more than one-million of us; so I’m grateful my voice is heard every time I see a new issue we’re tackling.”

The letter to the senators pointed out how Amendment 299 would help protect small businesses by expanding the Regulatory Flexibility Act  (RFA).  It would require government regulators to include the indirect impact of their regulations on small businesses.  The legislation has several other aspects that would prevent duplicative and outdated regulatory burdens.

Small businesses all have the battle scars of the last few years, so any help in supporting business protection is welcomed.   Small businesses will be the engines that continue to drive the economic recovery, so reminding our representatives of that is important.  You can do it in a number of ways — one of the best is by becoming active in the REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC).

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