NAR 2011 Commercial Programming Preview: Underwriting Sustainable Commercial Properties

A sneak peek into the commercial real estate educational sessions at NAR’s REALTORS® Conference & Expo Nov. 11-14

Peter Mosca

“Knowledge is power,” we’re told.  In commercial property, knowledge of sustainability adds up to giant opportunity to drive value in the deal.  More than ever, sustainability is central to unlocking the true value of a property.  The demands on brokers and underwriters is greater than ever to keep up with the value proposition when sustainability factors that nobody was talking about ten or even five years ago crop up — or even appear as central issues in deals.

Peter Mosca, CCFA‘s chaired session “Underwriting Sustainable Commercial Properties” (Saturday 11/12  1:30-3:00 206 AB) will show how to meet these demands.   The expert panel –  Theddi Wright Chappell CRE,  Bill Conley, John G. Ellis MAI, CRE, and Mike Merrifield – will be taking a detailed look at the valuation of sustainable properties, showing new means of determining valuations on operating efficiencies of properties.

Said Mosca, “It’s about valuations derived from use opportunities for new and existing buildings. Operational efficiencies, energy usage, and taking new perspectives including things such as employee and worker health.”

Make sure to mark your calendars for this essential holistic look at valuation of sustainable properties.  It goes way beyond calling things “green”.

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