Migration Destinations and Commercial Expansion

Map of USA with Texas highlighted

Workers, shoppers and families are the engines of commerce. Learning to identify which points on the national map these population groups are headed can be a kind of shorthand leading indicator of commercial expansion. So if you’re wondering what US counties saw the greatest increases in population recently,  you can check out a compilation of this month’s IRS data published on that very topic.  The interactive page is after the jump.

US Population Not That Mobile

To learn about migration patterns across 2013-2014, the IRS used an interesting method that looks at federal tax returns and counts the total number of exemptions.  According to Governing Magazine, the only about 15 million Americans moved from one county to another during that time — only 4.7% of the population as a whole.

Texas A Prize Destination

Snagging the top spot as well as five of the top ten counties that grew in population is the Lone Star State of Texas:

The top ten counties in new population are:

How’d Your County Do?

The interactive display at Governing.Com has a drop-down that includes all US counties (maybe not all – there are over 3,000 and the list doesn’t appear that long to me).  You can pick any county and get a data-rich snapshot concerning migration into, inside and out of the county in question.

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