Mastering the Intermediaries: Strategies For Dealing with Listing Services

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December 26th saw a joint SEC filing from the parties indicating that the Zillow-Trulia merger was being delayed yet again. February 15th is the latest date given for the final deal, the third such date given in the merger’s progress. The reason seems to be the parties are waiting for the Federal Trade Commission’s blessing with regard to antitrust.

With this major consolidation in the property listings space hitting turbulence yet again, it’s a good time to take a look at how commercial brokers and listing platforms relate.

While patrolling this marketplace and doing a little research, I had the good fortune to come across an article from Harvard Business School that spells out four fascinating business case studies about platforms — those businesses that get in between you and your customers — and how to prosper with them.

In Mastering the Intermediaries: Strategies for Dealing with the Likes of Google, Amazon, and Kayak, Benjamin Edelman does a terrific job exploring the historical options businesses have had in dealing with intermediaries such as as listing services.  It’s a fast read and absolutely worth the time.

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  • Joshua Stahl

    February 8, 2015

    I had no idea the merger was even delayed in the first place. Trulia and Zillow really is a great merger of two excellent companies.


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