Linking ePD User Websites to Their Listings

Carl Peterson, Sales Director at ePropertyData (ePD) likes to say “input once — use often.”  I agree, no one wants to spend time repeating input steps into databases and updating sites.   I often think about the cost of my time spent updating and we utilize as many aggregation and feed tools we possibly can to keep those costs down.  Now that ePD has launched “Link”, their CIE clients also have the option to customize their websites by embedding their personal website with their CIE listings – with no additional input work and all in real time.

Link allows ePD CIE members to input data into their CIE and the embedded Link portal on their Website is updated automatically.  Carl was recently visiting with a Florida broker and both he and his assistant were excited that they would be saving considerable time not having to make duplicate data entries.

Link also has an integrated text messaging feature allowing users of the widget on your website to send a text inquiry rather than an email allowing for quick follow-up on leads.

Link has customization features allowing ePD CIE customers to seamlessly integrate the portal into the design of their websites for effective branding.  Additional features include:

  • Integrated map search functionality;
  • Report generation:
  • Variable search configuration options;  and,
  • Anti-spam security tools.
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