Latest Commercial Advocacy Timeline

You probably don’t look at your insurance policies more than once a year unless there is an incident.  Here is one insurance policy that you need to read monthly because the stakes continue to rise each moment that passes in Washington with the potential of a debt crisis looming.

NAR Commercial produces the Commercial Advocacy Timeline each month to keep you up-to-date on what NAR Commercial is doing on the front-lines everyday to protect your business and property rights.  This timeline is updated by a full-time team member, Vijay Yadlapati, in our DC offices.  He is tasked with keeping abreast every day on legislation and regulations impacting commercial real estate.  He in turn communicates with NAR Commercial leadership, NAR lobbyists, industry coalition members, congressional and agency staff about REALTOR® positions, your positions, on these issues.  Needless to say, he’s really, really busy.

We also recommend that you sign up for the Washington Report, also updated by Vijay.  Provided weekly by NAR Government Affairs, it is a concise snapshot of the week’s news from the Hill and REALTOR® Involvement

Besides all of the letters, testimony, and timelines Vijay writes, he is also available, schedule allowing, to speak at your next REALTOR® association meeting about all of these issues related to commercial real estate.  Contact the NAR Commercial Signature Series Speakers Bureau at 312-329-8484 to inquire about his availability.



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