Introducing Spaceful by Xceligent: Space Tours Made Easy

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When it’s time for a business to investigate new locations for itself, decision-makers have a big job. Commercial real estate brokers and their tenant clients need to tour locations and experience spaces in ways big and small.  Putting together tour books — the right mix of location information and space experience — is a major challenge. Yesterday,  a new software tool arrived that smooths out and radically speeds up the process of building, distributing and collaborating on space tour books.

 Introducing Spaceful by Xceligent.

What used to take hours now takes minutes with Spaceful. “The space-tour is a critical step on a broker’s path to closing a deal,” said Doug Curry, Xceligent CEO.  “So, we created a tool  that makes that process fast and hassle-free.  Brokers can now assemble digital tour books in minutes – not hours – and edit or update them in real time based on feedback from colleagues and clients,” Curry said.

Spaceful delivers dynamic tour books that contain easy-to-view, detailed information on spaces and buildings, area information including notable companies nearby, retailers, restaurants, and public transportation options.

Assemble Tours Easily

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If plans change, reordering tour stops is a snap – real time map updates reflect property information contained in past tour books, third-party data providers.  Include information about notable neighbors and area amenities with ease.

Send Tour Books To Clients The Way They Want Them

Click to browse a sample tour book — no more paper! Spaceful’s sharp digital interface presents the books to clients’ smart phones, pads or computers – send out links to participants in a snap.

Collaborate Easily On Tour Books

Spaceful allows you to share work-in-progress tour books with collaborators.  Leverage your entire team’s knowledge of the area and bring it to bear at exactly the right time and place.

Try Spaceful For Free

Create your first tour book with Spaceful by Xceligent at this link.


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