How To Get 1031 Exchange Data From The IRS

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An earlier post here at The Source about 1031 exchanges of property under IRS “like kind” exchange rules drew a bunch of comments and interest in the data. Readers wanted to know: does the IRS perform or compile 1031 studies? Do they publish regional studies of these exchanges under IRC 1031?

So I opened up a channel to the IRS’s Statistics Of Income Division (SOI) and asked these questions back in December. I then received and shared a whole ton of national data on 1031 exchanges from 1995 to 2010.  While the volumes of 1031 exchange deals and splits were nice to see, the IRS did not provide regional breakouts.

I received some additional comments on that post last week, asking if Uncle Sam had a) updated the data to reflect 2011 or later or b) put together regional reports.

Since it worked so well last time, I headed right back to the SOI Division and asked for any updates.  And once again, a friendly specialist responded with lightning speed:

Thank you for contacting the Statistics of Income (SOI) Division regarding the availability of 2011 and 2012 Like-Kind Property Exchange data.

The most recent Tax Year 2010 Form 8824 – Like-Kind Property Exchanges data – are available on the Tax Stats section of the IRS web page at We do not have a release date for the 2011 data, but it will be available on this web site when it is released.

We do not compile a geographic history of such exchanges for any period and future data will not have geographical breakouts, only national totals.

So there you have it: no publication date is set for 2011 data, but if last year is any indication, I’m expecting it by December.  And it turns out that Uncle will not be indulging us with regional breakout reports.

That said, the above IRS web page is a treasure trove of national data on business taxes.  What economic or market indicators exist in the links?  That’s up to you to find out.

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  • Lilly Hughes

    October 17, 2013

    I am curious as to why regional data isn’t being reported. From a completely lay person point-of-view it seems, it would be a fairly simply query to run.
    1031 Exchanges surely have a place in real estate. I never see anything about them except in my real estate stuff. Maybe we should do more pr amongst consumers to education them to the potential on 1031s.

  • Carie McFadden

    October 17, 2013

    Appreciate the article, thanks


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