Ground Leases: An Overview From CCIM

From the raw land, development and investment side of things: CCIM Institute’s newest podcast is a discussion with Philip “Fred” Himovitz, CCIM, all about the ins and outs of the ground lease.  The advantages and considerations of ground leases over fee simple ownership are explored, as well as seniority, management, financing and tenant issues. Even though the podcast is under nine minutes, a solid summation of ground lease structures and purposes is covered.

Popular in the development of raw land, ground leases are also instrumental in the development market for alternative energy. In some states, temporary interest in land is obtained by wind farm builders using a ground lease.  This frees up the builder from taking title or committing the planned use to an indefinite term, which is instrumental in attracting investment in these early days of such important technologies.

Current market conditions have led to ground leases being more widely accepted and understood. They provide opportunities to reduce capital requirements and allow ideal platforms for joint ventures.  These deals are usually of a long term and let developers and landowners partner in the development, creating the opportunity to shape a deal’s risk profile and more readily allow securitization to spread risk – and returns – around.

To listen to the CCIM podcast on ground leases, click here. 

For a more in-depth treatment of ground leases, check out’s Field Guide To Ground Leases.  NAR members can find ebooks, books, videos and research reports detailing the topic.

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