Google Apps For Commercial Real Estate

I’m generally a fan of Google, and I will usually check out their app offerings.  But they really offer a mixed bag of solutions that fit what I need to do only with varying degrees.  And the fact that they are an unaccountable platform definitely has its drawbacks.  As a user of a free Google application provided as a service, I don’t have control over important things such as what version I’m running, where my data lives or wether the application will work offline.

I don’t even have control over what software I’ll be using next month, because Google alone has control over what products it will provide and which it will cancel. I was reminded of this most recently when Google announced two weeks ago that it would be phasing out its Google Reader application.  This hit very close to home for me – I use Google Reader daily, several times a day, on my desktop and on my Android phone.  Without it to keep tabs on RSS feeds of content coming from all over the worlds of commercial real estate and finance, I’m not much good as a researcher.  So the hunt is on for a replacement.

Google Apps For Commercial Real Estate

All that said, there are plenty of benefits Google Apps can provide to the commercial real estate professional.  Exactly what they are — and aren’t — are the subject of the following video by Michael Griffin, CEO of ClientLook CRM, a mobile CRM solution.




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