We’ve Got “Flex Space” At The Source: Want To Guest Blog?

NAR Commercial is looking for respected and accomplished Commercial REALTORS® to guest blog here at CommercialSource.com‘s blog The Source. Members: here’s your opportunity to step up and help out the whole community by leading the discussion and sharing your experience and acumen with your industry. Interested?  To get started, drop a note to Jean Maday. Email: <!–
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So you’ve got something to share, but you’re wondering how to blog?  We’ve made it easier than ever. Usually the first things a new blogger needs to figure out – what software, what host, what design – is already taken care of here.  The great thing is you can focus on your expertise and let us handle all the technical details.

What kind of expertise?  You name it.  Do you have a unique perspective on a commercial real estate sector?  Do you know your region like the back of your hand?  Do you have an incredible idea – or a strong take on an existing trend?

Share your unique perspective here.  Check out this clip for a quick overview of what you can expect from blogging: Blogs In Plain English:

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