Everything You Wanted To Know About The Christmas Tree Lot Business (But Were Afraid To Ask)


Is there anything more fundamental to commercial real estate than transforming a vacant lot into a profitable enterprise?

From coast to coast, the holiday season in the US sees the return of thousands of one type of classic small business that performs exactly that magic trick: the Christmas tree sales lot. On the surface, providing a local customers with their seasonal fragrant boughs might appear to be a simple affair. But any entrepreneur or property manager will tell you that there’s more than meets the eye to any successful business.

To that end, the Kirk Company, providers of Pacific Northwest Christmas trees for about the last hundred years, has published the amazing handbook “Successful Christmas Tree Lot Business Practices”. Packed with tips, planning steps and operation practices for the Christmas tree lot business, the handbook is a blueprint that touches on every aspect of location, layout, parking, retailing, staffing, up-selling – you name it.

If you’re like me, looking at a business makes you wonder about its specifics. This manual, with its exhaustive descriptions of one small business touchstone of the holiday season, is quite a gift to the curious.

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