Do You Know Your IEQ?

Guest Blog Post by Mariana Toscas Nowak, Editor of the Journal of Property Management (JPM®) from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM).

Did you know that making improvements to the indoor environment quality (IEQ) of the buildings you manage can enhance the health, productivity and profitability of the office environment—increasing tenant productivity by almost 40 work hours per week?

A healthier and happier work environment has been shown to boost employee productivity while reducing absenteeism, insurance premiums and recruitment costs (since employee turnover decreases). A little goes a long way.

Consider suggesting the following low- and no-cost improvement ideas to tenants:

  • Rearrange office cubicles to increase daylight exposure;
  • Install efficient lighting (or simply remove fluorescent lighting);
  • Maintain low humidity levels;
  • Add artwork and photos (consider DIY projects to save money);
  • Paint office walls with zero-VOC paint (green and has been proven to promote peace and calm, while yellow can improve memory and concentration); and
  • Add wall mirrors or create interior openings to give a sense of space.

Increasing the IEQ of the buildings you manage makes tenants happier, lowers costs, leads to higher NOI and ultimately increases asset value—at little to no extra cost to your tenant!

Read more about IEQ improvements in “Do You Know Your EIQ?” from the May/Jun issue of JPM®.


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