Commercial Property Alternative Use: A Funny Photo-Blog

Photo: Liz Clayton

Sometimes alternative use or repurposing of commercial property leads to a chuckle or two.  But did you know that it happens often enough to form the basis for an entire web site?  Check out Not Fooling Anybody, a photo-blog documenting the imperfect and amusing in building repurposing in commercial real estate.

When a retail franchise or chain builds to their own recognizable spec and then that building is sold to another operator, often there’s not a whole lot the new commercial property owner can do to ensure their own identity is foremost on the minds of passers-by.  Particularly when a giant bucket of fried chicken remains perched upon the signage.

What once were Burger Kings, Dairy Queens, or IHOPs now sport local restaurant chain identities or, as in the above picture, entirely different businesses.  As NFA’s Liz Clayton puts it in her “chronicle of bad conversions and storefronts past”,  “Let us rejoice in bad conversions and seek to amuse ourselves with them wherever possible.”

Mission accomplished, Liz.  For more information on how NAR Commercial members have been handling creative repurposing, check out the current issue of our Commercial Connections newsletter (PDF available for download at the link).  Start on page 10 with “Working in a New Market: Buildings and Businesses Adapt”  and the following piece “Is A Building Re-Do For You?”