Commercial Connections Podcast: Two 6 O’Clocks With Barry M. Wolfe

ABarry M. Wolfe of Marcus & Milichaplex Ruggieri hosts Barry M. Wolf, VP of Investments with Marcus & Millichap in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Barry’s an attorney with a long history in commercial real estate and serves as director of both Marcus & Millichap’s National Retail Group and its Net Leased Properties Group.  His focus on transactional aspects of real estate and active membership in ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) gives him in a rare perspective on the intersection of the law, commerce and real estate investment.

The key takeaways of this month’s podcast:

  • Two Six O’Clocks In Every Day: In his youth, a basketball coach imparted to Barry a simple, beautiful idea about how to manage your time at the office.  Check out the podcast for the story.
  • Striving to add value to clients and prospects.  Describing the benefit to clients and justifying fees and commissions is an ongoing process that can even precede the listing of a property.
  • The 5% of the people who are listing properties now are where all the competition is – the 95% who aren’t will remember the help and value you added before they had specific expectations – beyond just placing properties into listing platforms.
  • Being a service provider – market information or market data – being there to bounce idea off the wall.
  • Putting the seller’s interest first, not just pocket listing properties to your own buyers.
  • Qualifying buyers, analyzing the offers understanding the brokers, seeing who is most probable to get to the finish line
  • Avoiding retrades, price negotiations, getting deals to successful closings
  • In reality there are no business secrets – look at what clients are doing successfully and apply it to your own business

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