BIM: Toward Smarter Commercial Real Estate

I was taking a closer look at the medical center property market when I came across Carrie Rossenfeld’s very interesting piece about a 500,000 sq. ft. project breaking ground last week.  The UC San Diego Jacobs Medical Center in La Jolla, CA is a big project with a big idea driving the development and the management of the property afterward.

The idea is Building Information Modeling, a design, construction and property management discipline enabled by high technology.  Described as a “flight simulator for building”, BIM is a virtual construction tool/software-enabled technique that generates and manages data about the building throughout its entire life cycle, from design to property management.

The value proposition of every commercial property is anchored in the decisions made in design and construction.  The effects of these decisions have always been left to commercial property brokers, reps and managers to wrestle with using partitioning, improvement and other expensive change techniques.  BIM might put an end to that.  BIM looks into the future of the property and marries its design and construction to the future fitness for tenants.  It smoothes out and eliminates change orders both at construction time and in post-construction, unlocking maximum value for decades following.

One vendor of several bringing BIM to the market is Virtual Build, who produced this clip explaining the approach.


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