Apply Now For The Commercial Innovation Grant Program

Red Realtor RFebruary 15, 2013 is the deadline for applications to 2013’s NAR Commercial Innovation Grant Program. If you or your local REALTOR Association have dreamed up a great new way to add value to the membership and to the commercial real estate business, NAR Commercial Division wants to hear about your innovation, then support it and shout it from the rooftops if it’s really something special.  The program seeks new CRE products, processes and services or enhancements on existing ones that will make a difference in our industry.

Innovation Goals

So,  what’s an innovation specifically?  It’s a project that meets the goals and criteria laid out by the program.  Innovations should leave the landscape changed for the better in the following ways:

  1. To enhance the membership value and experience of members involved in commercial real estate.
  2. To connect and engage members in relationship building programs within the association.
  3. To elevate the exposure and expertise of the local commercial real estate professional and REALTOR® association within the market area and community.

Innovation Criteria

Ask these questions of your project – or get started with a new project with these questions in mind:

  1. Does the Innovation Grant proposal impact the REALTOR® association with a new or enhanced product, program, process or service to improve the member’s experience?
  2. Does the proposal educate the general membership on commercial real estate issues or programs?
  3. Does the proposal increase awareness of REALTORS® who are commercial real estate practitioners?
  4. Are there clearly demonstrated measurable goals that indicate the potential success of the project?
  5. Is there a reasonable understanding of budget and timeline necessary to achieve success?
  6. Does the applicant recognize factors that may inhibit the ability of the project to meet its goals?
  7. Can the idea be adapted to other REALTOR® associations?
  8. Does the REALTOR® association have an active commercial structure (committee, division, alliance, etc.)

Past Grant Recipients

Inform your own application by checking out past successes.  You can review the Executive Summaries of the 2012 NAR Commercial Innovation Grant award winners, and find a range of programs, services and events that create new value to members in neat ways. From Sacramento Association of REALTORS® Commercial Mentor Hotline (highlighted in these pages here) to the Chicago Association of REALTORS® CommercialForum subscription-based service, and every winning project in between, a whole raft of important new thinking is around to inspire your 2013 application.

Apply to the NAR Commercial Innovation Grant program here before February 15, 2013.



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